Key Features

Apple A9X Dual-core 2.26GHz
Battery Capacity
Li-Ion 10307mAh
apple ipad pro
2048×2732 pixels
Rear Camera
Front Camera


The first thing that catches everyone’s eye about the new Apple’s iPad Pro is its size, people flock to see the humongous tablet and its a gorgeous high-resolution display with colors that looks insanely crisp. Also, it has four speakers and these are the best sounding speakers I have ever heard on a tablet. iPad Pro is a great tool for creativity when it coupled with the Pencil.

iPad Pro is the best and fastest iPad ever created but it’s also the most expensive ever starting at 799$ for the base model a 1079$ for the top-of-the-line iPad pro, it costs as much as a laptop but can it replace it? and is it really worth buying? Let’s read the review and find out.

The iPad pro is pretty big but after using it I’m used to its size it’s still big but I don’t find it too big for any of the things that I do with it, its weight is heavy and it comes in over a pound and a half so it’s not the most comfortable device to use with only one hand. The iPad Pro is also a supermodel slim like all other premium tablets, just 6.9mm precisely.
In all other respects, the design and build quality are identical to any other smaller iPad, with an aluminum unibody enclosure available in three colors: Gold, Silver and Space Gray. By holding the slate in landscape mode, you will find the power button and headphone jack on the left, on the opposite side the Lightning port for charging and connecting to a computer. the volume controls and optional 4G LTE sim card slot on the top. On the bottom, you’ll find Apple’s three-pin smart connector, which will connect the iPad to any keyboard of your choice (Apple has licensed other third-party accessory makers to create their Keyboard, for now, Logitech).
In addition, you get the amazing Touch ID fingerprint reader incorporated into the home button. A 1.2-megapixel snapper on the front, and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera.

Apple’s Pencil
Get some proper work done or maybe even get creative with the Apple pencil, the $99 pencil can detect the position, the pressure, the angle, the orientation of your strokes so whether you’re taking notes or you’re sketching on your painting it’ll feel incredibly natural on the iPad pro.

The iPad Pro has also the advantage of having the largest resolution ever seen on an iOS gadget and the second-sharpest screen of any computer Apple has ever produced (The first-sharpest screen is the 5K iMac). The Pro comes with a 12.9-in display, with a massive resolution of 2,732 x 2,048 has 5.6 million pixels, with a pixel density of 264.68 PPI.

The display is less reflective 40 percent than any slate around, there’s a wider color gamut and in general the display is widely improved both in terms of contrast ratio, colors reflectivity and even viewing angles it’s definitely clear so looking at some pictures side by side the colors are very juicy

Speakers and audio quality
Ipad Pro comes with a quad-speaker design with a wide frequency range, Apple claims it has three times more acoustic output than iPad air 2, so you can joyfully watch a movie or listen to music with your friends in the room.

The iPad Pro is powered by Apple’s A9X 64-bit chip with dual-core running at 2.26GHz, one that is said to be twice more speed than the iPad Air 2’s A8X.

In Geekbench 3 the iPad Pro scored 5,523 points, which is comparable to the i5-toting Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

When it comes to memory, Apple has never released specs like these for an iOS device, the iPad Pro packs 4GB of RAM. Fully doubling the RAM of iPad Air 2.
Improvement in performance is obviously marked through fast loading apps, graphic-intensive games played smoothly, even swipes through the interface of the OS is remarkable.

the WiFi-only model of the Pro comes with 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. While the LTE version comes in two options: the 128GB and the 256GB model.

Apple claims the iPad Pro can go up to 10 hours on one single charge without grabbing the charger. The iPad Pro will last a bit longer since its battery is 30% bigger compared to the iPad Air 2 but also has a larger screen to power. Apple managed to embed a 10,307 mAh battery into the Pro svelte chassis.

GeekBench 3 battery benchmark test scores 6865 points and lasted for 11 and half hour which is better battery performance than with iPad Air 2 scored 4601 and 07:40 respectively.

Apple’s iPad lineup crossed over the competition with ease, iPad mini and iPad Air tablets persist among the top offerings in their niche categories. Apple is now offering the iPad Pro – a creativity-oriented tablet and one that’s portable and powerful.
As is almost always the case with Apple classy products, that’s premium pricing, and if budget is your first concern you should probably be keeping an eye on Android or Windows alternatives.
But for iPad Pro, it’s an expensive piece of technology starting cost of $799 for the basic 32GB Wi-Fi model, other WiFi models 128GB and 256GB retails for $899 and $1079. For Cellular models 128GB, 256GB are cost $1,029, $1,129 respectively. And that’s price doesn’t even count the smart keyboard $169 or Apple pencil which is about $100 more. For such considerable amount of money you can get a fully fledged Windows laptop or Apple’s cheaper laptop models that’ll run an actual OS, whether this tablet worth your money or not that’s up to you, in my point of view I just couldn’t see Apple’s tablet ever replacing a laptop even it’s a good tablet it’s one of that has the best display it’s incredibly fast it has amazing speakers, camera the Apple pencil support is incredible but just don’t expect from it to work miraculously and replace a laptop.

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