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Nokia X3 cell phone
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The Nokia x3 handset belongs to the Nokia X series. As of now, the only other phone in the series is the X6 a smartphone that comes with a high price tag. The Nokia X3, however, is friendlier to your wallet and is not a smartphone. You should not get a hint of disappointment from that last sentence because when we wrote this Nokia x3 review, we surely were not let down. A lot of people are buying this phone on contract and getting an unlimited texts sim.

So let’s get to it. Let’s start our Nokia x3 review with the physical aspects. Unlike its more expensive brother, this handset is not a touch screen phone. It is a slider handset that weighs 103 grammes. Its screen measures 2.2 inches with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It’s not the brightest screen in the planet but it does its job well. As for the construction, we can honestly say that this handset looks expensive. No matter which colour you get, you will have a handset that will impress others. It has sleek straight lines and a keypad with brushed metal finish. Feels great in your hand and looks awesome, too.

The telephone functions of this handset are one of the things we enjoyed when we made this Nokia x3 review. Talking to someone on the phone was smooth and clear, thanks to the Voice Clarity feature. We didn’t have any problems with the signal, too. As for the messaging function, you have SMS, MMS, email, audio messages. You can even receive flash messages. What we liked about the SMS function is that you have the conversations view option. It is a feature present in more expensive handsets and will surely delight those are used to this kind of SMS viewing mode. Setting up your email is pretty easy, too.

As for the multimedia features, the Nokia x3 handset gives you a more organised media gallery. You have the option to arrange your photos by album. The music player is also incredibly impressive. Browsing the player was easy to the eyes and a breeze to do. We got no complaints on the audio quality as well. And if you get tired of your own music, the radio with RDS (and antenna) will save the day.

This handset, being a budget phone, obviously only has a basic camera. The unit included is a 3.2MP basic device. The settings are easy to navigate and utilise. The photos are not award-winning quality but they were decent enough to be shared with friends. For more fun, the Ovi store is your best option. You got your choice between fun applications, games, music, videos, and other stuff that you can use to customise the handset. Of course, we should not forget to mention the games. They are well-made and the reason we wasted a good length of time while doing this review.

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