Key Features

Processor Battery Capacity
RAM Storage
240×400 pixels
Rear Camera
Front Camera
Videocall camera

Touchscreen mobile deals are great but not everyone likes to type on these devices’ soft keyboard. It can feel just a tad weird. For some people, nothing beats a real alpha-numeric keyboard as this is what all of us are used to. Thank heavens for the Samung Tocco Ultra. This phone is the answer to those who want a touchscreen device  but still be able to type efficiently on a keyboard that we all know and love.

The integration of the alpha-numeric keyboard is just one of the great things about the Samsung Tocco Ultra. Another amazing thing about this handset is its appearance. Grey and red always look great together and Samsung has taken advantage of this fact. It’s AMOLED screen also offers clear and bright viewing experience. It’s better than an OLED display simply because it uses less power, which means that you’ll have longer battery life. Even if you use all applications all day long on the Samsung Tocco Ultra, you won’t need to turn to the charger for help.

But this will not be a review if we don’t mention what might keep you from buying this handset. Though Samsung proved to be a genius when the company combined touchscreen and alpha-numeric keypad, they still should have worked on making the user interface more responsive. If you compare the handset’s display response to that of an iPhone, you’ll see why many users are in love with the latter.  This 8 megapixel camera Phone might be impressive but it can use features that will make taking snaps much more satisfying. But this is not a DSLR; it’s just a mobile phone WITH a camera and we could be asking for too much.

In summary, the Samsung Tocco Ultra a great device. It’s a fantastic touch screen phone but don’t go comparing it to devices with more responsive user interface because you’ll be disappointed.

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