Key Features

1.0 GHz Cortex-A8
Battery Capacity
Samsung galaxy S i9000
480×800 pixels
Rear Camera
Front Camera

With the Galaxy S, Samsung have finally relinquished their insistence on producing phones that only run on their own bada operating system.

In putting the terminally flawed OS out to pasture, Samsung has realised their potential to become big players in the smartphone market.

bada had quite rightfully come under criticism. Not only for being one OS too many in a market already full of high-quality competition, but further for having flaws that set it some way behind those that it was trying to match.

It was unreceptive to third-party developers, unlikely to support any future technological developments, and didn’t support multi-tasking – something certainly necessary in any new platform trying to assert itself in 2009.

But in taking on board Android, Samsung have bought into a system that is far more appealing for developers, and as such far more appealing to their potential customers.

Credit must be given to Google for producing such a capable and now ubiquitous OS. Though an outsourced system, it has become the software of choice for a vast swathe of the top end smartphone manufacturers. HTC power their ever-popular range on Android, as do Dell, Sony, LG, and Motorola, amongst others.

Samsung has really taken Android 2.1 to the next level on the Samsung Galaxy S though, and overlay the stock OS with a few bada inspired tweaks that make the user process a little smoother. These benefits are not inconsiderable, especially in light of the release of Android 2.2, which the Galaxy S will not run.

Simple things such as a readily accessible Wi-Fi toggle alongside on-screen icons for silent mode and keypad lock make the phone that little bit more user-friendly, and in the current market – in which personal preference defines people’s choices as no hardware stands head and shoulders above the rest – these tweaks could prove decisive.

Samsung, in the Galaxy S, has given users the best of both worlds, ensuring that the efforts of their own bada developers haven’t gone to waste, whilst bringing increased functionality to their leading phone.

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