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Mediatek MT6737T Quad-core
Battery Capacity
Li-Ion 2620mAh
Sony Xperia L1
720×1280 pixels
Rear Camera
Front Camera

Have you craved for a phone with a big screen, but your pocket does not support the price tag attached to it? You can have a great smile as Sony has brought the phone named “Sony Xperia L1” that is made just for the people like you. Sony has proved to be one of the best smartphone makers with its previous satisfactory models. Sony takes care of its customers’ dynamic needs with gratification. It has produced Xperia L1 that can be the top priority for those who are on a budget. Sony Mobile has launched many pretty good handsets of various money ranges till now in the ongoing year. You can find a Sony set right from the Xperia YZ Premium that comes with a 4K HDR screen to Xperia XA1 that is very stunning and of great value. Xperia L1 costs around £150 SIM-free, much lesser than Xperia XA1 regarding cost. The gadget is acting as a direct rival to Lenovo P2, Moto G5, Huawei P8 Lite, etc. These smartphones offer a full-fledged buying value under £200. We can proudly state that Sony Xperia L1 gives worth to our cash and time.
Smart display and media
Xperia L1 takes the vow to gift you the ultimate pleasure of viewing everything in glorifying details. Featuring a 5.5 display of high quality with narrow borders and loop surface design, it lets you see and share anything you want. The smart device attaches a chipset that is quite efficient and upgraded software features that are technically working in the background to ameliorate your quality time spent working on the big-screened device.
The 5.5 inches screen size of Xperia L1 is similar to Xperia XZ premium. It has stepped into the market with a primary display of 720p HD IPS. You will get less crisp images than the Motorola phones, and all you need is to squint a little to understand distinctive pixels. The color reproduction is quite pleasing to our eyes that make the pictures and high- definition movies look brilliant, considering the device’s cost. The maximum brightness and the viewing angle are quite stable. The panel is appropriate for expanding media while moving. The large size provides us the comfort of watching movies and videos and makes us feel the glee of a mini TV.
Fantastic Design
Sony Xperia L1 is built for your hand. It is not a mere delight to behold; it’s round and the smooth frame feels superb in your hands. The standout design is an example of the design paradox of Sony. Almost every smartphone has a similar layout. Then, what makes Xperia L1 different from others? We got an answer for it. The polycarbonate shell of the device is easy to grip than any polished or glass material. You pick up the device and still won’t be able to find any smudged fingerprints on the body. The bezels both below and above the screen are enormous. As a budget handset, it is quite a cool one.
Specifications unleashed
Sony has made scarce cuts in the matter of Xperia L1 for keeping the price low. It is unfortunate that the compromise comes with the fingerprint sensor. We can say it a drawback as Vodafone already found out a pathway to input one in its Smart N8 that comes at around £85. It is not much of a bothering factor, as we can always rely on the phone’s lock screen passwords as we do with our other handsets. Within an affordable price, Xperia L1 is providing you a 3.5mm headphone port right on the top, a microSD card slot present beside the SIM card tray, a USB-C charging straight on the bottom. You are getting enough paying less than £160. There is room for more. You can amplify the storage capacity up to 256GB which is huge.
Sony always holds the golden crown when it comes to Android customization. Xperia L1 is giving you the same words. Just out of the box, and, you discover a running Nougat. Sony’s accustomed icons replaced Google’s representation, with a default installation of a swift keyboard. You get the freedom to add your desired themes to get a unique look. Both paid and free themes options are available for this device.
While testing the super smart handset, we found an old fashioned application drawer that is quite up to the mark. A current list of apps, handy enough for the users, pops in front of our eyes while swiping on the home screen. Sony has the reputation of adding its versions of Google’s application that makes the app drawer brimful. If you are a fan of Google photos and play music, then this endeavor of Sony is going to be in vain. Xperia L1 has turned up with Android Nougat’s new additions, such as rich notifications and split screens making an unusual appearance. The best thing is that the notification tray has got the glance of Google’s own. If you a die- hard Google user, but wants to check out new things, it won’t be that hard for you to switch to Sony’s version.
An overview of the Battery life and Performance
The finest reason to buy a Xperia L1 is the MediaTek MT6737T CPU. You can’t get this chip in other company’s smartphones that come at a lower price. The phone passed with flying colors because of the four cores that are marking off along at 1.45GHz which is more than enough. Whereas, if you are still adhering with the traditional bases; this incredible device beats Moto E4 of Motorola and other phones consisting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 425.
The gorgeous baby Xperia L1, shown just out of the box, fresh and new, before any downloading of apps and accounts addition, gives you a little sluggish feeling. There is a perceptible delay in the area of the opening of Chrome, Google Play Store and the dialer of the phone. The games don’t cope up in a better way than other smartphones. The lower resolution indicates that the GPU of this device doesn’t need to work very hard for achieving rates of the playable framework. So, it is sure enough that you are going to get a grand time using this phone than on any phone of 1080p with an identical setup.
This value-for-money first-rate device can be a bit low-powered. Be happy as it points out that the CPU doesn’t experience any massive power drain problem. The battery is of 2620mAh that comes with Qnovo Adaptive Charging in a STAMINA Mode. It gives the due respect to the scrolling of social media, web browsing and snapping photographs up to 8 hours consistently. We have seen that if we are sticking to the streaming video, the battery is backing up to 11 hours approximately that is quite a lot. If we compare it to Moto G5 that is giving up a battery life for the whole day in spite of consistent web browsing, then, we would give the vote to Xperia L1 given the price and unique Sony features attached with it.
It provides you the performance that you always have craved for by combining 2GB RAMS with a quad-core processor. You avail the aspired power and speed. The magical experience of hassle and lag free smooth performance will take you to the wonderland.
Who won’t like the idea of a phone that is doing all the thinking? Here is a phone for this purpose. Xperia L1’s Smart Cleaner gives you the guarantee of optimum speed. It cleverly analyzes the fact of using the phone, clearing cache and deactivating unused apps. Sony Xperia L1 can be your best personal assistant. It can learn and modify itself based on your usage. Make your life easier with its adaptation to your surrounding environment.
Camera quality
A 13 Megapixel ISO 3200 rear camera with a single led flash and a f/2.2 aperture lens providing 3x Clear Image Zoom that is very easy to capture all your beautiful moments in life. Sony is habituated in putting an array of stocks in the camera slot. If you click under the influence of bright light, you will get rewards of realistic, colorful pictures with details. The photos can be showing noises while zoomed; still, the images are fair to get appreciated on online media sharing.
Xperia L1 gives you a warm welcome with the phase-detecting autofocus system. Though it is not the fastest, you need to keep the subject at the full focus for obtaining sharpest results. The HDR can be a bit demotivating for you as it doesn’t always come up to your expectation. You have the option for a manual mode to get the excellent shots, but, it is slightly slow. That is why; saving single photo may take few of your extra seconds.
Selfie lovers can have the selfie season endlessly. The 5 MP front facing camera can hook you to frame and snap your beautiful faces with justly standard specifications from low range to mid range. It also comes with 24mm wide-angle lens f/2.2 aperture, and you are allowed to shoot videos with full HD resolution.
The audio of this device is impressionable as you can enhance the sound by manual sound settings like Surround Sound and Equalizer. You own the authority to empower the Dynamic Normalizer for minimizing the volume differences between videos and songs. Get the enjoyment of improving the quality of music files that are compressed quite near to High-Resolution Audio while using wired headphones. Blessed with xLOUD Clear Audio+, this device gives the best offering of Stereo Recording. It has a Bluetooth® 4.2 wireless technology and aptX / A2DP- the distinctive Sony things.
Other Qualities
Sony Xperia L1 is power-packed with Charging Dock DK60 and a Bluetooth® Headset with Speaker SBH56. The connectivity counts on A-GNSS (GPS + GLONASS)2 with Bluetooth® 4.2 wireless technology and Google Cast. GSM GPRS/EDGE (2G) and UMTS HSPA+ (3G) are the existing networks consisting of LTE (4G) Cat42. The phone weighs 180g with 151 x 74 x 8.7 mm dimensions. The SIM capability represents Single SIM, Dual SIM, and Nano SIM. Available in stunning black, white and blue colors, this mind-blowing device is going to win your hearts for sure.
The minus points of this smart handset are its 4K visuals and HDR supports. Sony’s X-Reality engine and Super Vivid Mode are absent here. The camera lens might not give you the professional finishing like an iPhone 7.
Considering the budget and Sony’s unique specifications, Xperia L1 is a must buy for you. It won’t burn your pocket as well. The large screen, expandable memory and the interface that is very user-friendly make a cocktail of the satisfactory experience. If you are on the verge of getting a new phone with a stylish look and unique features, then go for this device.

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