It’s been 18 months since the launch of Apple’s iPhone App Store, and since then we’ve had Google’s Android apps, Nokia’s Ovi apps and Windows Mobile apps, but none of these latter options are yet to reach the sheer choice available on their older rival’s platform. Apps have changed mobile phones from simple call/text functionality to powerful portable tool kits with solutions to a huge amount of needs. There are now 150,000 apps available from Apple, but as yet there’s no easy way to get through the App Store and find what you want unless you know exactly what you are looking for. However, help is at hand, and here’s a quick guide to five of the best apps currently available in the Apple App Store. If you would like to get an iPhone, then take a look at the Vodafone website where you can now find the latest 32 GB 3GS model.
Spotify – Music

There are quite a few different music streaming services available through the App Store, with Pandora and regularly being touted as amongst the best. However, few have been quite so hyped as Spotify, which was anticipated as a ‘killer app’ before its launched. This streaming service allows you to search for and play any music from the service’s catalogue, edit your playlists, create new ones, which will sync back to the desktop, and save music to your phone to listen to offline. One slight drawback is that it’s for Spotify’s premium users only, so it costs £9.99, making it amongst the most expensive apps.

FlightTrack – Travel

A handy app is great for travel and business and perfect for frequent flyers. You email your travel plans to TripIt, which organizes a master itinerary which you can then view through the FlightTrack app on your iPhone. It’s smart enough to calculate complications and possible delays based on the weather, while giving you access to airport delays and closures, flight statuses and gate changes. It can even help you find another flight if yours gets canceled.

RunKeeper – Health and Fitness

Certainly one for fitness fanatics, RunKeeper tracks your outdoor runs and performance using the phone’s GPS tracking system. You can check the amount of calories burned, distance traveled, duration, pace and altitude, and it can even trace your path on a map. Because your jogs are stored, you can monitor your progress and see where you need to improve. If you’re more of a treadmill runner, then RunTrack can still monitor your fitness stats without the GPS. Mobile – Photography

With a wide selection of apps dedicated to photography, Adobe’s king of photo editing stands out from the crowd. It allows you to flip or crop images, and add effects and filters. You can store, edit and share photos from wherever you are. The iPhones camera might not be the best on the market, particularly in poor light, but this handy app can certainly give those snaps are brush up.

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