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Processor Battery Capacity
LG GW520 QWERTY Slide cell phone
RAM Storage
240×400 pixels
Rear Camera
Front Camera

The LG GW520 handset is a touchscreen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. With this simple description, one would assume that the mobile is a high-end smartphone. Well, it isn’t. It only looks like one but uts actually one of the best slide mobiles currently on the market. This made doing this LG GW520 review very interesting.

LG made a lot of money with their LG Cookie. The latter was a touchscreen handset that was very popular for its competitive price. LG added the slide-out QWERTY factor to the equation and we got ourselves the LG GW520 handset. Smart of the manufacturer to add another cool thing to an already famously cool handset, we feel qwerty phones are on the rise as emailing and texting is so much easier. 

Let’s start our LG GW520 review with the looks. First you will notice the display that may be small for some standards but is perfectly decent at 2.8 inches. The weight and overall size are just right and we loved how it felt in our hand. The keyboard was a delight to use as well. Unlike other QWERTY phones where the buttons are cramped, using the keyboard of the LG GW520 is pure heaven. We turned off the lights to check the backlight and we are happy to report that the illumination is even. You can type away in the dark all you want. The keyboard is one aspect that LG did absolutely right.

The fast response of the screen adds to the great experience that you will have with the phone. Since there is no way for you to install apps that can lag the phone, speed of the touchscreen response will not be an issue. We sure did enjoy using the Flash-based interface and the easy customisation of the widgets. As for the messaging factor, the handset will impress you. Supporting SMS, MMS, and email, you can pretty much contact anyone any way you want. And don’t think you only got the keyboard to rely on for typing. This handset has an on-screen keypad as well.

For other online-related activities, you will have a full support of 3G and a decent browser. The Facebook integration feature is also fun. But we discovered that the multimedia functions of the handset are even more fun. The music player is wonderful to use, the 3MP camera takes adequate photos, and the video recorded does its job. For a budget phone, you would think that LG will not focus so much on these features but we are thankful that they did.

In conclusion, we commend LG for banking on the success of their previous handset to give us a new cheap mobile phone. This is another step that will make touchscreen phones much more accessible to everyone. We got no problem with that.

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