nokia-n900-internet-tabletPeople love mobile phones so much that news about new devices cause so much excitement. Take the case of the Nokia N900 Internet Tablet. As of the moment, Nokia has not made an official announcement about this device. It is not even certain if its official name really is the N900. What the public has at the moment are rumors about its features and price. This information may not have come from Nokia itself but they are enough to make people excited to see the actual unit and get their hands on one.

According to rumours, the Nokia N900 Internet Tablet will be similar to the N810 Internet Tablet. It will also be in the slide-out QWERTY keyboard phones range and is sure to look fantastic. Unlike the N810, however, the N900 is said to be smaller and better-looking. This is a 3.5-inch touch screen phone with a great 800 x 480 resolution. Furthermore, it is also believed that the N900 will run on a Maemo operating system and will have Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, a 5MP camera, and 32 GB of memory that is expandable to 48 GB.

In terms of pricing, rumours state that the N900 will cost around $650. It said that it will be released in the US first sometime in August or September. People in the UK and the rest of Europe will get to enjoy this device come October of this year.

We are aware that the information above still need to be confirmed. However, once we get the official word form Nokia about this device, we will let you know at once and also where to find the best mobile deals for the N900.

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