palm pre cell phoneWhen it comes to advances in mobile phone technology, 2009 is shaping up to be a good year. With the announced release of at least 3 android phones, gadget enthusiasts will mark this year quite a memorable one indeed. HTC is the company that will usher this milestone. According to an HTC official, the mobile phone manufacturer will release at least 2 other Android phones aside from the HTC Magic. When this happens, there will be a total of at least four Android phones in the market, including HTC’s own T-Mobile G1.

While information on these Android phones have not been confirmed, the rest of the digital world is in a tizzy over the upcoming release of the Palm Pre. Palm, as you will remember, used to be the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer. But their throne was taken over by such giants as Apple and HTC. But with the release of the Palm Pre (early June in the US), Palm will once again be able to dance with the competition. It seems that the Palm Pre’s user interface and OS will redeem the company. If reports are to be believed, the Palm Pre’s user interface is similar to HTC’s TouchFLO interface. This means that it can give you better user experience as it can recognize many gestures and motions. The handset’s webOS is also proving to do a very good job.

Once users get their hands on the Palm Pre, we will know for sure if this device can prove to be the iPhone’s biggest rival. There will be many companies competing to offer the best mobile phone deals online. We feel the offers of a free handset with unlimited free landlines for the callers out there and Unlimited Texts for the texters are by far the best option.

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