Key Features

Exynos 7420 Octa-core
Battery Capacity
Li-Po 3000mAh
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
1440×2560 pixels
Rear Camera
Front Camera

Samsung, in order to get the lost edge back into the market, introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is a phablet model from Samsung has been designed to give a new design with nicer materials. It is actually a perfect blend of the Galaxy S6 and Note 4. The launch of this model is so essential for Samsung with Apple and other smart phablets expanding their feet in the market with each passing day.
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 can either prove to be a game-changer ordeal broker in the market. Let us look at the different aspects of this phone from different angles to get a deep diving into it.
Physical specifications of the product.
Inheriting the internal specifications from Galaxy S6 and tweaking it with some more experiments Samsung has brought Galaxy Note 5. Fitted with octa-core chip and combined with 2.1 GHz of the quad-core chip and updating its chip to 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, as compared to 3GB in the older versions is a very good addition. However, some other androids top out with 6 GB of RAM making out a lot of space for Samsung to really work upon.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is powered with 3000mAh of the battery which is non-removable and this phablet from Samsung runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. It weighs around 171 grams which make it quite easy to carry around. This phone is single sim smartphone with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, USB OTG, 3G and 4G connectivity. The phone comes with some inbuilt sensors like proximity sensors, magnetometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, and barometer.
With the quality of resolution for display being 2560×1440, it has amazing display properties. With manufacturing technology used being super AMOLED, the display meets all the expectations of the customers providing the amazing quality.

Being multi-core and fitted with 4 GB of RAM this phone has the capacity to handle multiple tasks at a time. With TouchWiz interface taking a few seconds to progress from different menus it gives some sort of imperfection to this phone. It comes in 32 bit and 64-bit configurations.
However, this phone has no slot for microSD card which makes it slightly outdated from the other androids. The other main problem associated with this phone is the options for new RAW photos and 4K video capture makes it flipped out in the market because of the space issues due to these new features. Provided with 32 GB of storage but the actual capacity accessible in this device is just limited to 24.85 GB with 7.15 GB of the storage taken by the system on its own which is somehow bad so it is better to opt for 64GB. With an additional feature from the previous releases of Samsung Note, this phone has SIM card tray installed instead of the sim card slot provided on the back.
Autonomy of the phone
The call quality for this phone is fine for both callings as well as reception of the calls. Extending to the call quality in T-mobile network it makes the call quality loud and clear. With the good quality of sound offered through speakers in case of not audible through ear mode, you can also get good quality of sound. The boot time offered on this device is generally 28 seconds which is however much lesser than some of the renowned brands, however, Samsung Galaxy S6 is lagging in some aspects from Note 5 on some features which it is expected to be better in.
Megapixels are not just the numbers which need to be compared on the basis of quality they provide because a phone with just 8MP of the camera can offer much better quality from the phones with much higher pixels of the camera.
Equipped with 16MP of the camera it provides the best quality of image quality. The camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has more on point accuracy as compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The camera effect provides the much better effect to the visuals in the photos clicked. Samsung provides the large pixel size in their cameras instead of the megapixels which provide the better camera features with improved quality in pictures in even the low light conditions. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 offers many deep and real colors handling the low light even better than some of the good phones.
Its rear camera has the power to shoot videos at the rate of 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second but the limited storage space it offers is really a concern for capturing the videos with much larger size.
Moreover, it all depends upon your need, with the option available to switch between performance mode and resolution mode you can get very good gaming performance with this phone. However, the biggest problem with this phone is that the micro SD card slot is not available in this phone.
Also, this phone is still better over some releases from Samsung due to its large screen. If you want to have the experience of writing by hand then Samsung galaxy note 5 is definitely a very good choice over other Android options available. Without any doubts, the design and the overall looks of the phone are ultimate with the stylus provided writing has been always good in this phone. However, when it comes to the battery life it’s not so long as expected to be. Not any kind of much enhancements from the previous release this phone had a good camera, a stylus that just serves the need of writing and a very poor battery life. Compared to the bulky Samsung galaxy note 4 this phone is comparatively low in weight.
Also as compared to the phones with almost the same kind of features this phone is straight up pricey. So despite several pros and cons overall looking at the different factors, it is a phone with additional features with some compromises that come along with that.

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