Key Features

A9 dual-core 1.84 GHz
Battery Capacity
Li-Ion 2750mAh
1080×1920 pixels
Rear Camera
Front Camera


The bigger and the better – this is what we can say about iPhone 6S Plus. Apple proved that it is the best in the world of the phablet. The smartest 3D Touch Technology is the radical move that made Apple as Number 1 smartphone maker in the global platform. Sometimes, too- big things make the high impact. We give warm thanks to Apple for bringing its first 5.5-inch flagship phone, that is, iPhone 6S Plus, that is a bit expensive, and contradictorily attracts your vision for its exclusive Apple signature look. The longer battery life with much power added to the copycat innovation of a typical iPhone is making the fans go crazy. Apple made a comeback in the year 2015 with a refreshed and super mobile handset iPhone 6S Plus. According to the company, iOS 11 is going to enter as an updating of the gadget, and this can make the phone the champion in the Apple line.  

Design and feel

The identical twin of iPhone 6 Plus, just with a taller height. Remember iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Every twin has its identifying mark that distinguishes it from the other one. Here, the small “S” that is printed below the name iPhone on the back of the phone’s down- side is the distinguishing mark. Usually, we are accustomed to Apple’s venture to build lighter and thinner products, but, suddenly shipping some incredible flagship products that are much thicker and heavier is a great endeavor. Cupertino must have taken this into serious notice.

The premium feeling of the sleek rounded body reminds us of the havoc built of Apple. The original phone manufacturer has assured that its latest outcomes must have the toughness in its makeover, right after the unfortunate fiasco of Bendgate, the YouTube sensation. Though, we are quite impressed with the previous year’s models, yet, certain claimed clarifications led to the reshaping of the current devices.  iPhone 6S Plus is sporting 7000 series aluminum alloy, also used extensively in the aerospace industry, stronger than before. Apple insisted on putting sizeable bezels both above and below the display that ensures the supersized beasty dimensions. The smart gadget is a bit thicker with an additional 0.2 mm girth than its forerunner. Apple can try giving it some extra space to incorporate the 3D Technology. It is another rationale behind the pounds piling at about 20 g that made the device weighty as 192g. You may get tired of holding it in your hands for long, but, considering the looks and the logo, it can add light to your signature status quo. You can go an extra mile by providing it a super protective cover with Apple’s silicon case that comes for £29, or, AU$59, or, $39. If you have an Apple iPhone in your hand, we don’t think you will hesitate to do it.

You are going to get the same placements of the buttons containing lock and power on the right side and the volume keys on the left side. These are located below the mute switch. Well, you might have to stretch a little for reaching them if you are an owner of smaller palms. People with bigger hands are okay with it. Coming to the color, Apple has gifted you four awesome colors like Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Space Grey that will surely take your designer mind to the high-notch fantasy land.

Screen, Display, and zoom

While viewing the phone for the first time, we inspected that iPhone 6 Plus has the same panel of 5.5 inches like its predecessor. It exhibits a complete HD resolution of 1920×1080-pixel with 401 ppi and typical 1300:1 contrast ratio that presents itself as sharper than 6S that used to have 1334 x 750 resolutions giving a 326ppi pixel density. So, you are viewing crisp and crystal clear images and texts right in front of your eyes. The lively images are going to pop out of the screen with the vibrant colors, and if you lit up the brightness to the maximum, it will give you to behold the pleasing three-dimensional effects as if you are watching an Oscar-winning animated movie of Hollywood. IPS screen is bodyguard by toughened glass. The ‘oleophobic coating’ resists it from fingerprints offering you the simple print-free glance. You may need to wipe the screen sometimes to keep it squeaky clean that you used to do for other electronic gadgets on the go.

The ‘zoomed’ display setting is going to give your weaker vision a magnifying glass effect and let you stare at the larger texts, images, and controls minutely without any haziness. It is the unique grandfather setting that you enjoy solely on an Apple iPhone 6S Plus. The bigger screen comfortably fits all the larger icons, and you can take control over them and change anytime as per your convenience. The gigantism technology covers the ‘two-tap’ or ‘double-tap’ gesture. A light couple of repeated taps on the home button and the portrait mode appears sliding down to the halfway enabling you to reach to every corner of the screen with your thumb. Another wonder twist of Apple in its 6S Plus is the ‘two-up’ view. Rotate the home screen into landscape mode and see the dock moving to the side, and, the body text marks the exclusive look on the right side and email headers on the left side. If we collect the other Apple advantages, we can mention about third-party keyboards, widgets, app-based workflow extensions, etc.

The astounding 3D Touch

Given the importance of iOS, the S series has come up with multiple factors with dual-led flash, motion co-processor ‘M7’, arrived with iOS 7, Touch ID, etc. The Apple iPhone 6S Plus maintained the tradition, and made the headline with ‘3D Touch’, a fantastic feature with ‘Retina HD display.’ It is a variant of the Apple’s watches’ Force Touch technology. We also find the same technology in MacBook. The grand arrival of a Multi-Touch display with IPS technology unearths multiple pressure points that led to the possibility of ‘pinch-to-zoom’ touch gesture. The pressure sensitivity sensors are binary. The ‘on’ state means the user is presently pressing the screen, and, the ‘off’ state signifies the opposite. The 3D touch has qualified the hardware to detect the pressure amount you are putting at every point. The software developers have discovered two ways of using 3D Touch. These are Quick Actions, and Peek and Pop. You can easily have the fun of 3D Touch on the home screen and unveil the Range of Quick actions. You can certainly jump to the default camera app and click your beautiful selfie through it.  Stop wondering about the contacts under your favorite list. If they are present in your recent contact list, then Apple, inspired by the suggestions of Siri, lets you jump-start a conversation with your frequent chat-friend via 3D touch on the Message Apps. You must update the third-party apps for supporting these actions. It is going to save your valuable time. This touch is turning the ‘on-screen keyboard’ to an ‘on- screen trackpad’ in the case of notes, messages and emails where you can take a swift move around the texts. Do you want to bring the multitasking view in a jiffy? You 3D touch the display’s left edge while remaining on the home screen.  Similarly, you can take a quick look at the emails by doing 3D Touch in the list view and go back saving time to tap and swap back. You can preview any link by this medium without opening it in Safari.

The Touch Id

This astonishing innovation let you simultaneously wake up the display and unlock the phone saving you from the rigorous process of doing the activity that you perform on other devices. Press the power button on the side, and you are all set.  

Performance and software

Apple iPhones are having a glorious comeback with the brand new desktop class A9 chip and 2GB of RAM. Android phones are always giving fierce competitions to Apple in this regard, but, The later owning both the software and hardware counterparts is bound to reach the optimization that others can’t do. The A9 chip is a powerhouse that let you edit a couple of 4K streams together. Moreover, the iOS 10 floating through all the new designs and features is regarded as the world’s most advanced operating system of a mobile city. It brings the 6S Plus to life with its avant-gardes like AirDrop, AirPlay, AirPrint, Control Centre, Handoff, Multitasking, iCloud, HomeKit, iCloud Keychain, Night Shift, Spotlight Search, Notification Centre and Siri.

iPhone 6S Plus has vowed to be your rightful personal device to such an extent that even a blind man can click group selfie and a deaf person can call words even from another country. It has come up with such a scientific advancement that a person with a broken limb can quickly send messages worldwide. The features like Magnifier, VoiceOver, Zoom, Switch Control, Closed Captions, Siri and Dictation, Speak Screen, Assistive Touch, etc. Just enable “Hey Siri,” and your friendly phone goes on a listening mode and works even when you are not connected to any power.

The Apple Id is needed for enabling few features. Got an internet access? You are eligible to sync with the iTunes on PC (Windows 7 and up gradation) or Mac (Mac: OS X 10.9.5 with up gradation). iTunes can be downloaded from Apple Website for free. The environmental requirements include operating altitude that is tested up to 10,000 ft or 3000 meters. The relative humidity can be from 5 percent to 95 percent non-condensing.  The operating temperature revolves between 0° to 35° C or 32° to 95° F, and the non-operating temperature required is –20° to 45° C or –4° to 113° F.


Have you ever enjoyed the joy of clicking your beautiful moments with FaceTime HD Camera? If no, then it is the perfect phone for you that have a 12 megapixels rear and 5-megapixel front camera. The first ever iOS approach of a 4K video is shooted by the rear camera. Few Android cameras have already been in the same house since earlier. There is a sheer presence of OIS, that is, ‘Optical Image Stabilization’ in iPhone 6S Plus.  The top most news of the handset is the ‘Live Photos.’ Toggling is quite an easy task like switching to flash mode or HDR mode while keeping the Live Photos stimulating. The camera catches the still picture exactly with a few moments before and after the illustration as a low-resolution video, so that you cherish the swapping of the animated photos along with the precise split seconds. If you do a 3D touch, the full video with audio will materialize in front of you containing the live pictures. Each live photo is being saved separately in two different files, one as a jpg, and the other move file somewhere between 1.5 MB and 3.5 MB. If you are dealing with 16 GB without iCloud pictures, you can keep the parlance of Live photos to the minimum. The smartphone magnet did an addition of 240fps ‘slow-motion’ filming making it a photographer’s delight and a traveler’s bandwagon.

The 5-megapixel pixel front camera has brought a radical improvement with the recent ‘Retina Flash’ feature that can convert the whole display with three times more brightness for the poor lighting surroundings. So, you get a flash on the front side too.

Battery life

One of the essential qualities that take iPhone 6S Plus ahead of 6S is the battery power. It has got 2,915mAh battery that has enough potential to lasts the phone on ‘On mode’ for two days with reasonable usage and around 50% brightness setting. Apple has given the verdict of maximum 24 hours of talk time on 3G. You can go on with the internet up to 12 hours (3G), 12 hours on 4G LTE and 12 hours of internet via Wi-Fi. We have tested by running an HD video playback, and the battery life uninterruptedly supported it for around 14 hours. The audio playback can please you up to 80 hours non-stop. Apple claims 16 days of stand- by time. Do not forget to charge the battery through a power adapter or you can use your PC’s USB to do the needful.

Minus points

When we are talking about an iPhone, we all expect an ‘all-good’ verdict. Unfortunately, nothing can be perfect in this world. We plucked few errors –

  •    Too costly (around £619 including VAT, and $749 excluding taxes) for a 16 GB phone. It’s quite a price to burn a hole in your pocket.
  •    Very rapid Touch ID

Final verdict

Since 2011, it is Samsung who was occupying the throne of the phablet market with its Galaxy Note series. Now, a fierce competition has started between Apple and Samsung with the former’s arrival with iPhone 6S Plus. Apple continued to stay in the phablet line with iPhone Plus series in the future. Many think that it is just a stretch of 6 Plus, but, in reality, it is much more and has certain fancy features that are hard to find in any older version. Are you an Apple gizmo lover and won’t mind spending high? An iPhone 6S Plus is waiting for you.


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