Key Features

Snapdragon 820
Battery Capacity
Li-Ion 3250mAh
ZTE Axon 7
1440×2560 pixels
Rear Camera
Front Camera

Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation, famously branded as ZTE is a pioneer in the making of Android tablets and smartphones. The OEM or, Original Equipment Manufacturer has aced the global competition of smartphone with the onset of ZTE Axon 7. The world’s 4th largest manufacturer of the mobile phone has overcome the last year’s confusion about the name “ZTE Axon Pro,” that the UK considered as ZTE AXON ELITE by presenting Axon 2 via Axon 6 between the years 2015-16. The brand ZTE is the top contender of South Korean and the US phone makers. It has taken a step further to design its phones in the US itself.
ZTE wins the mobile world with Axon 7 with a super polished metallic design and QUAD HD displaying system that has turbocharged the Android Nougat smartphone. Axon 7 quenches the dynamic thirsts of the gadget lovers with its apt compatibility with Google Daydream VR. The camera lovers can find it a bit offbeat as it doesn’t match the avid offerings of Galaxy S7 of Samsung, or, the elegant curvy look of S7 Edge. The buyers won’t take any offense as it provides the complete value for money with its exclusive features that placed it on the list of best phones supervised by TechRadar.

Specifications underpinned
Axon 7 of the super deluxe brand ZTE presents the consumers the wonder gliding touch screen display of 5.50-inch along with high resolution of 1440 by 2560 pixels. It is power packed with 1.6GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor added with Adreno™ 530 GPU. The loyal consumers will get the unique offer of 4GB RAM and internal storage space of 64 GB that is further expandable up to 128GB through micro SD card. ZTE Axon enables the users the top-of-the-class freedom to store their lives compiled in the miniature form.
The reverie of high quality yet simple phone steps out of the fairytale in the name of ZTE Axon 7 that takes one to the realistic adventures through virtualism. The princely look with its induction to the curved body having fluid controls that win the crown of the modern and sleek smartphone. With the cocktail of digital and physical worlds, the communication industry has experienced a seismic shift with the growing demand of integrative and sophisticated phones. ZTE Axon 7 has got a layout of the dual speaker with ethereally coherent grilles leading to the vital experience of clips, calls, and music. Coming to the rarely beautiful and ethereal colors of Ion Gold, Chromium Silver and Quartz Grey, the phone has the magic power to snatch the eye of the mass.

ZTE has ultimately arrived with a phone that can give the big boys run for the money. The fingerprint ID sensor located at the back of it fits the grip location of the user correctly. Moreover, the featuring of 9-axis gyroscope for the reduction of nausea and the delay of 18ms for a better moratorium, it has achieved all the applauses of the audiences. The VR canvas proving immersive environment is an exceptional result of powerful processors combined with 2K AMOLED display.
Elite performance

ZTE AXON 7 is an awarding sensation due to its long life 3250 mAh Battery weighing 185.00 grams with the measurement of 151.80 x 75.00 x 8.70 (height x width x thickness). The acceptance of dual nano sim both of GSM with the added advantage of GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, and GPS are the sure shot tenacity of our happiness as users. The sensors have included Accelerometer, Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Gyroscope, and Ambient light sensor that successfully signs on the board of the future beautiful, smartphones. After the victorious succession of the voice controlling feature of the Andriod 6.0 OS, Axon 7 has worked harder on the native speakers and finally gifts us the explicit confrontation of the excellent audio experience and we can keep our Bluetooth speakers aside without any hesitation. During the demonstration, it has sounded louder.

The debonair performance passed the timing test with negative slowdowns. The best thing is that the device does not get overheated like that of ZTE AXON PRO. The comparison between Axon 7 and Galaxy S7 regarding the speed of 4 GB Ram is dependent on our living area.
The phone can face the hard challenge with Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe that grabbed the market with its arrival handling 6 GB Ram. Keeping our attention on the phone, we can view that the phone is a welcoming advantage for the travelers who hold their primary numbers as active ones for texts and calls when abroad, and, administer the costly data to another SIM of mainly 2G or 3G speeds. The model is same for Australia, the US, and the UK. We can loudly declare ZTE Axon 7 as the leading $400 undervalued phone with the incredible artistry with user-friendly distinctive style vending the flagship functionality as per the demand of the premium buyers.

The beautiful moment comes with a surprise when launching the camera. Trigger a phrase like “Open camera” and voila! The camera begins on the home screen itself. We can switch to the front shooter delivering word like “Switch.” The super phone consisting of a 20-megapixel rear camera captures the breathtaking photography, and the clear-cut 4K video can let your beautiful memories reach the wonderland with a zest.
Are you a photo freak and loves to shoot while moving? ZTE brings the dual image stabilization especially for you. We can bet on the sharp visions clicked by the camera even under low lights with durability that is rock solid. The camera features a constructed lens of pure sapphire with a f/1.8 perforation. The Snapdragon 820 CPU powered the camera life.
We got the 8megapixel front camera sharper than the elite kings like iPhone 6s with a 5Mp front camera. The bidding of hybrid image stabilizer called ‘IS’ is the secret reason behind the crisp shots. A wide array of exciting modes like the panorama, multi-exposure, slow motion, time lapse, sports magic exposure, hidden interval option gives you the fixed camera works.

It is to accept that every electronic device has its pros and cons. The little disadvantages come with the absence of FM radio. The slot of SIM 2 is hybrid. The non-replaceable battery, zero backlights on the buttons that are front facing, and no resistance to water are few minus points of the device.

The present techno world storming with hi-fi smartphones can warmly hug ZTE AXON 7. The metal building magic art by the makers of Axon 7 get all the gamers’ heart with Monument Valley, Fallout Shelter and much more. Music lovers can visit the trance world with the enhancement of Dolby Atmos with stereo speakers that are facing in the front. This near to perfection all-rounder can frustrate you sometimes in the extremely low light photo shoots, but, apart from that, you can make the watchful eyes thunder on you holding a ZTE AXON 7.
Axon 7 is a classic example where arts greet functions. The lines that are thin like wafers elegantly complete the master craftsmanship of a real smartphone that can easily slide into the pocket, or, can be an envious ornament in your hand. Your fingertips can click the harmonious combination of complexity and scale reaching the ultra comfortable tactile experience. Inspired by the art of jewelry, the interactive design has concentrated on the intuitive usage. You won’t forget the feelings of the best sounding and valued smartphone with the X-factor that you always craved.


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