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Kirin 960 Octa-core
Battery Capacity
Huawei Mate 9
1080×1920 pixels
Rear Camera
Dual 20MP
Front Camera


Since the disappearance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, large screened phones are becoming rare increasingly, the Huawei Mate 9 is the best combination of the famous Galaxy note 7 of Samsung and the unique iPhone 7 of Apple, a powerful mixture with the brand’s own touch in terms of design sensibilities both inside and out. Once using it, none would be able to deny that this large-screened handset is perfectly a phablet that’s built to be last, due to its amazing battery life, powerful chipset, giant screen, an impressive Leica lens camera, and a completely made out of a metal.

By offering strong specifications, Huawei is keen to strengthen its consumer- friendliness through this new product.


  • Amazing battery life
  • Impressive large screen
  • Very well improved software
  • Powerful processor
  • Solid build quality


  • Not water-resistant
  • Slightly dull design
  • Not as Daydream-ready as anticipated
  • Camera not always reliable


Design, display & the camera

The recent phablet joining the Mate series of Huawei is made fully out of metal for the uni-body of the device, with some very well curved edges especially on its back which makes it very manageable, the large screened device feels slightly light when holding it has a 5.9-inch panel, making it a very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, which has only a 5.5-inch display. Also, The Mate 9 has a Fingerprint sensor sitting on the rear of the device, just below the camera, as well as a USB-C port on the bottom. Concerning the size, the phablet measures 157 x 79 x 7.9mm.

Moreover, we could easily recognize the design used on the mate 9 if already had the chance to use the Huawei Mate 8, At first sight, the Mate 9 looks very similar to the Mate 8, it’s still a well-built handset even though it is not an exciting looking phone, but the curves the mate 9 has on the front as well as on the back make it more handheld comforting than the Mate 8 did.
So we can say that The Huawei Mate 9 looks high-end, but it doesn’t have that distinguishing look that phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, offers.

It’s just more of the same again, although for most users that won’t be a big deal.
As already featured on the Huawei P9, the dual-lens Leica-branded camera co-engineered with German camera maker Leica, is back with its impressive wide aperture mode, its fabulous 20MP black and white monochrome sensor, and 12MP color one, Combined, these will deliver the most detailed image than you’d get from a single sensor. Another fascinating feature is the option to shoot in pure black and white, using the 20MP camera. Also there’s a feature called Light Painting, which enables you to shoot some amazing images in dark circumstances using a long exposure.

Finally, what we can approach the brand for is that the phablet has only a Full HD display when we have come to expect QHD one, it is really disappointing since we can find cheaper devices already featuring the QHD while the Mate 9 didn’t.

Performance: impressive battery life & powerful processor
One of the key selling elements of the Huawei new released phablet: the Mate 9, is its durability. For people who are looking for phones with powerful processors not willing to drop off only some months after using it, then the Mate 9 is the perfect choice you can go for.

Furthermore, Huawei has incorporated its own Machine Learning Algorithm in the Mate 9, which is built to make phone gets faster over time, an issue that we’ve been all facing once while using other devices.

On the other hand, the brand solved the battery life issue with the Mate 9. The flagship comes with a 4000mAh battery and charges through USB-C, it also features a fast-charging mode to pump it full as quick as possible.

So for the battery life matter, Huawei’s new mate 9 claims a powerful battery that could last for a full day and even two days out of a charge if you use the phone less regularly. Still, most phone manufacturers claim this, and it’s usually not the case, hoping it won’t be the case for the new large-screened phablet.

As already said, the Mate 9 has the ability to be charged via the USB-C port situated on the bottom of the phone, and the brand claims that it can get a full day’s battery through the fast charging option just in 20 minutes.

Daydream VR technology
The Huawei Mate 9 is Daydream VR-ready, this made it the world’s first Daydream-ready phone which is a great selling feature. Actually, the newly released smartphone can work with the daydream VR platform launched by Google.

Still, even if the Mate 9 has a strong chipset to ensure it can run apps and games, we are not so certain about its ability to work with the daydream view.

The Mate 9: should I buy it or not?

Why should I buy the Mate 9?

  • Fantastic battery life the Mate 9 that will allow you to get two days of use from a single charge;
  • It supports the fast-charging option, only 20 minutes to get your battery full back again;
  • With 64GB of storage and microSD expansion up to 256GB: fill it fully if you can;
  •  if you’re a photography fan you’ll likely find the Pro mode useful and enjoyable thanks to the impressive dual lens camera the Mate 9 is featuring;

Why should I not buy the mate 9?

  • The price is higher than expected, the brand’s Mate series used to promise cheaper prices;
  • For people who already got used to the water resistant option on phones, then this is not a device made for them.

The brand is focusing more and more on keeping the Mate series competitive and affordable in a market that is satiable with remarkable phablet devices and trying to develop this flagship through the past generations, that’s said it seeks to enhance every part of the Mate 9. With all the pros already mentioned through this article, we can fairly say that it is one of the best phablets in the market till now, it can unleash the competition easily because it is focusing at the same time on managing to enhance the predecessor’s qualities while settling some of its issues.

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