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Motorola Moto Z
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By releasing its most recent smartphones by the end of 2016, Motorola is back to the game with the most customizable modular phone yet. With its marvelous Mods add-on, the MOTO Z is absolutely upgrading the midrange phones market to the next level.

After being established in 2011 right after the split of Motorola into two companies, the Motorola Mobility brand was acquired by Google and sold later to Lenovo in 2014.  That being said, and in order to make the company relevant again in the market, the new leadership board team planned to reinvigorate the brand name with its most forward-looking product: the Moto Z, an affordable, unswerving and resilient phone that embraces a modular concept with swappable Moto Mods. So basically the mission of the brand’s newly launched device is pretty clear.

Pros & cons of Moto Z


  • Thin, well-built device
  • Fast processor
  • MODs accessories that are practical and easy to use
  • good battery life


  • Rivals offer better cameras quality;
  • Pricier than expected;
  • Lack of extra horsepower: for gamers, it’s not the perfect match

Physical specs: design and display

On the design level, the Moto Z is an insanely thin device with just 0.20 inch/5.2 mm in thickness which makes of it the world’s thinnest premium smartphone. Moreover, the Moto Z is purely made out of a slab of metal and glass. Still, even if the composition may seem a bit kind of delicate to use, it feels rock solid in the hand, which make that feel lovely and not heavy at all.

On the other hand, with all phones increasing in size dimensions, the Moto Z fits in very well with its 5.5-inch display and shows great competition on the market. Additionally, the new Moto Z delivers a Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. That puts it in flagship position alongside 2016’s greatest handsets, besides the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or Google Pixel XL.

Underneath the display, on the rear of the device, there is the well-known Motorola logo on the very center followed by the front fingerprint scanner that can be only used to unlock the display and turn it off, nonetheless, it does feel like Moto missed a trick: this could serve as a home button as well.

All in all, the quality of display meets our hoped expectations and the legibility is without any lone reproach thanks to the Quad HD resolution.

Autonomy: battery life

With a 2600 mAh cell battery, a turbo power charging option and an USB type-C connector, the Moto Z does not seem like having the perfect capacity for a device of such a screen size and resolution. The company claims that out from a full charge, you get around 30 hours of use, that being said, in a lightly typical use the Moto Z seems like being able to make through the whole day, nevertheless if you’re going through a busy day, or planning to do anything that may hit the battery harder than the usual, such as listening to lots of music, playing many games then you will probably have to give a visit to the charger for a refill. However, you could get around this issue by using the Incipio Moto Mod power pack accessory if it is possibly affordable

Consequently, this occasional lack of horsepower can be frustrating specifically for users who are into gaming. All the same, for the ones who ultimately don’t ask much of their smartphones, the Moto Z has more than enough power to keep everything moving at a more than practical pace.

Performance: processor
Being powered by a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset plus an Adreno 530 GPU and 4GB of RAM,  connectivity options include USB Type C port and NFC, the Moto Z is one of the fastest Android phones, and its performance is speedy and impressive showing thanks to the Android Marshmallow.

Concerning the internal storage, the smartphone comes with a capacity of 32GB that can be upgraded since the device has a microSD for storage expansion, consequently, this can level up the storage to additional 256GB.

Sine qua non, all of this means that the world’s thinnest smartphones have much sameness with some of the leading flagships of the markets as LG G5, HTC 10, ZTE Axon 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The Moto Z has a rear 13 megapixels camera, with larger-sized 1.12um pixels, offering an optical image stabilization and fairly basic camera software that supports business card scanning, QR and barcode.

In addition, since some judge the Moto Z only worth buying if you are willing to invest in at least one of the Moto Mods, For mobile photographers, you will fall in love with The Hasselblad lens that turns the phone into somewhat approximating a real camera, with a true optical zoom up to 10X that takes in a great sum of details.

Concerning the front-facing, it is a 5MP with a f/2.2 aperture and 1.4um big pixels for improved low light and a real LED flash on the front that is becoming a bigger feature for selfie-craving phone users.

Finally, Motorola has renovated its camera software with a new professional mode for fine-tuning the ISO, white balance aperture and other manual settings. Also, the Pro-level tweaks work for both the back and front cameras. Furthermore, other than the professional mode, there are other basic modes of Panorama, slow motion, and video that can be shot at 4K UHD at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps or 30fps.

Ruthless, quirky and ultimately useful, the Motorola Moto Z is assuredly the most sophisticated and customizable modular phone offering the best modular concept ever seen so far.

It’s not unspoiled, it’s not waterproof and it’s not flashy. However, it offers a tremendous Moto Mods adds-on compromising unlimited flexibility, speedy performant processor. Between that and the flexibility afforded by a slew of Moto Mods, we have a smartphone that almost redefines what it means to be mid-range.

Bottom line, the Motorola’s World’s Thinnest Phone, with all its MODs Add-Ons, offers specifically the Great option For Mobile Photographers, yet it represents one of the best choices for multiple kinds of users looking for a flawless mid-range smartphone.

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